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What is conversation intelligence?

by Phong Thủy Xăm

In other words, every chatbot is a conversational AI but every conversational AI is not a chatbot. In the end, the platform responds to the query in a human-understandable form. In the case of a speech query, Automatic Speech Recognition comes to play during the first and last steps. Next, the platform generates a response based on the text understanding and sends it to Dialog Management.

What is conversational AI in Accenture?

Get Started with Accenture. Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) is a group of technologies that connect humans and computer platforms using natural language processing and machine learning.

Most of us would have experienced talking to an AI for customer service, or perhaps we might have tried Siri or Google Assistant. In short, AI chatbots are a type of conversational AI, but not all chatbots are conversational AI. Currently, we often see conversational AI as a form of advanced chatbots, or we see it as a form of AI chatbots that contrast with conventional chatbots. This consultative assistant enables the use of “ambiguous input” where the assistant will find out how they can help. At this level, the assistant will be able to directly answer questions given the aid of several follow-up questions for specification. It’s difficult, however, to use and develop conversational AI – for both the developer and users.

What is a key differentiator of conversational AI? Here is what we learned

With this technology, devices can interact and respond to human questions in natural language. Conversational AI platforms are usually trained in the English language but only 20% of the world population speaks it. Many companies converse in multiple languages, but they work as rule-based chatbots because their AI is not trained in those languages. Customer support division can be expensive, particularly if you respond to customer queries 24×7 and in multiple languages. Conversational AI can help companies save on operational costs by automating repetitive and mundane tasks that don’t require human involvement.

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Q&A: Joy Corso on How Brands Can Ride the Rising Wave of ….

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” But a what is a key differentiator of conversational ai differentiator of conversational AI from other technologies is its agility and breadth of use cases it can address. Although conversational AI has applications in a variety of industries and use cases, this technology is a natural fit for customer support. When we say conversational AI is more advanced, it means that the AI is able to understand the nuances in human interactions which isn’t possible in chatbots. Of course, it takes time to get there but once it learns the ropes of human interaction, it catches on quickly leaving less room for errors. In banks and financial institutions, conversational AI and voice bots can provide answers to user balances and process transactions. They are also the go-to banking assistants that provide tips on how to make smart investment decisions.

A. It will allow Accenture people to perform critical job functions more efficiently and effectively.

These chatbots steer clear of robotic scripts and engage in small talk with customers. The next stage of conversational AI will build on customer engagement through conversational experiences where complex queries and sentiment analysis are the foundation. This will provide businesses and organizations with the means to create advanced chatbots and assistant applications.


Here’s where intelligent chatbots come to action and automate customer engagement. As per Gartner’s report, by 2025, proactive customer engagement will outnumber reactive customer engagement. Businesses and customers both need a proactive approach to problem-solving with a reduced number of calls and quick response times. Conversational AI plays a huge role in proactive customer engagement and can help a brand with all its customer support needs.

Why is Conversational AI Great For Engaging Customers?

Conversational AI is becoming more indispensable to industries such as health care, real estate, eCommerce, customer support, and countless others. Conversational AI supports the ability of machines so that they can engage with customers’ intent quickly. It breaks down the bridge between machines and humans by merging linguistics with data.

Epic sports was using Google’s Dialogflow and when they started re-directing all their customer requests to the Kommunicate chatbot, they were now leveraging the best-of-breed technology. The Kommunicate chatbot helped Epic Sports contain upto 60% of their incoming service requests. Conversational AI software can be used to help customers solve common problems and automate repetitive tasks using natural language commands. Examples of Conversational AI Software include Kommunicate.io , Amelia, LivePerson, Haptik, Ada, ServiceNext among others. Conversational AI overcomes the challenge of availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why is conversational intelligence important?

This clearly shows how businesses continue to see lower customer care costs as a high-impact benefit and how they envision leveraging technology to keep customer care expenditures in check. Natural Language Understanding helps to understand the intent behind the text. Automated Speech Recognition technology helps to listen to the spoken inputs, senses and translates them into a machine-readable format, text.

The important thing to remember is that while companies can profit from using voice assistants, they won’t be able to generate full-funnel engagement on their own. AI chatbots, on the other hand, use artificial intelligence and natural language understanding algorithms to interpret the user’s input and generate a response. They can recognize the meaning of human utterances and generate new messages dynamically. This makes chatbots powered by artificial intelligence much more flexible than rule-based chatbots. In general, the term AI is used to describe any computer system that can perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence.

How to Leverage Conversational Chatbots to 10x Your E-commerce Sales?

IoT-enabled remote patient monitoring is also being used in healthcare to virtually keep track of patients. Apart from the above-mentioned factors, conversational AI is very helpful and different from traditional chatbots. Before the age when traditional chatbots were the only way to communicate with a virtual agent, at that time, they felt very hopeless. Being an owner of a virtual business, you don’t want potential customersto feel like they are purchasing your product forcibly. Rather you have to be aware that the customers who are communicating naturally with virtual agents via conversational AI cares about your products.


Instead of manually storing this data and expecting the employee to fetch customer history before recommending products, AI helps you automate the process. 37% of CEOs leverage conversational AI to deliver exceptional customer experience. Conversational AI includes additional elements that you wouldn’t find in chatbots.

  • There’s no better time to start a conversation than when a buyer is exploring your website.
  • If you want to offer a greater level of personalization, you must integrate your bot to different databases.
  • Today 3 out of 10 customers prefer messaging over calling to resolve any issues faced during a business deal, and this is a ratio to increase in the upcoming years.
  • With quick response and resolution rates, these AI chatbots can enhance your customer experience and ease agent bandwidth.
  • Traditional chatbots are built on logic rules and deliver answers based on the keywords that are already incorporated or written in the system.
  • The key differentiators of conversational artificial intelligence chatbots are — Natural Language Processing , Contextual Awareness, Intent Understanding, Integration, Scalability, and Consistency.

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