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How to Build a Mobile Banking App & Earn Millions of Dollars

by Phong Thủy Xăm

Now’s the time to research new markets and channels, covering wearables, 5G smartphones, and IoT devices. The bill-splitting feature allows dividing bills and assigning each person their cost down to a cent. Special offers, discounts, and coupons can help build personal relationships consumers value and trust. Consider splitting periods into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly options.

Today, you won’t be able to win a customer and turn them into loyal clients without offering access to your services from a mobile device. You need to have an answer to the question before you decide how to create a banking application. The best decision you can make is to create an app that is unique and doesn’t copycat the functionality of already existing and popular solutions. Innovations are one of the ways to make sure that a business stands out from the crowd and offers some really unique features. Discovery stage – during this stage a common understanding of the future product is created between the product owner and app development company.

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Furthermore, don’t be too intrusive with offers and push-notifications — only well-developed personalized offers will help you increase sales and actually be valuable to customers as the app’s owner. Revolut is a financial app launched in the UK in 2015 offering only transfer and exchange. The design and implementation of mobile banking itself aren’t that cheap. Long queues to pay bills, opening a new account, making transactions — all of these aren’t 21st century problems. This can be a time taking the job as integrating with the third party can be challenging even at some time it is also done at the last moment. The developers must work with the moked data until the third-party work is not done.

The main idea behind this approach is to communicate with users instead of hypothesizing about what they want. The main challenge here is that compliance regulations exclusively for fintech are still not drafted officially and evolving in multiple directions as an addition to guidelines for banks. Recently, Surf has accumulated all its expertise regarding banking app ideas, to help you better understand the types of smaller challenger firms that have flooded the market. That goes back to Agile, which involves testing the app after each iteration (usually 2 weeks). Needless to say, you should run regression and unit tests before releasing your mobile banking solution to a small, controlled group of loyal users. Before launching a mobile banking app, there’s one more step to pass, it’s 3rd party integration.

Features of a mobile banking app

If we talk about the time needed to develop an online banking application, in the case of MVP, it can take around 700 hours, and in the case of a full-fledged product — about 1250 hours. 7 Ways to Jump-Start Your Cloud Computing Career Show the user key features of your app and where to find them via guides and highlighting. An online and mobile banking app is often complex and needs time to get comfortable with.

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These payment services are becoming more and more popular, and you can allow users to make contactless payments using their accounts with your bank. Splitting bills is a great feature not only for financial startups, but also for established banking apps. Your customers will love it, as you’ll solve the everlasting problem of splitting a bill after eating out. Modern banking isn’t just about managing bank accounts and making transactions. Banks offer way more than that, allowing users to buy plane and bus tickets, pay for utilities, order food, and deliver flowers. Creating a chatbot requires a separate development process, as you need to know ahead of time what your customers might request.

What is the cost of creating a mobile banking application?

The most important thing for developing mobile banking is choosing the right technology set. With the right technology, things like push notifications, online passbooks, customer service, https://traderoom.info/21-cloffice-ideas-how-to-turn-a-closet-into-an/ and more, can be made possible. A well-chosen tech stack also helps shorten the time it takes to build software, cut costs, and speed up the time it takes to market the app.

It is hard to name the exact price since it depends on the app’s complexity and feature set. The development of a banking app requires the work of a team of specialists and each of them will be responsible for a particular part of building the solution. To make accurate estimations of your projects with their peculiarities, please contact us. If you already have both web and mobile apps but think that they are not modern and functional enough, then we can help you with the update of the solution. Our software engineers will do a code review, and our designers will review the look and user experience that your apps offer. This is the main and most crucial feature of banking apps since users entrust banks with their money and personal information.

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